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Improve your farm production in Hay Day through our easy to use Hay Day Cheats. The cheats provide you with unlimited coins and diamonds.

The game was developed by Supercell. It is a premium mobile farming type of game. It was released on June 21 for iOS and on November 20, 2013, for Android. The game developers were able to earn 30 million from the game and this made it the fourth highest grossing game for the year 2013. The game plot follows uncle Greg farm. The player is placed in a position where they manage the farm. The first lesson that the player learns is how to harvest wheat with a sickle after which the management of the farm is left to the player. The player can then leverage the food crops for coins which they in turn use to purchase machinery and other farm equipment’s. The game has awesome graphics and players can access more features through the game’s Facebook page. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

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How to Play Hay Day Game?

The game plot begins when Uncle Greg is unable to continue managing his farm and leaves it to the player. In the beginning part, the player is taught how to harvest wheat by a scarecrow. The player can harvest the crop and sell them to the market where they earn coins. The coins earned can be used by the player to buy pets, buildings, and decorative items. They can then use the experience points earned and use them to level up. The player soon meets Angus who is a friend of his uncle and who teaches him fishing. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

The game has the idea of leveling up and this will lead you to more features, crops, and more buildings are unlocked. Also made available are two extra playing fields that include the town and fishing lake. You can use customizations and decorations to spruce up the farm. There are several events that are present in the game and this present the players will opportunities to earn rewards by participating in winning challenges. In addition, players can interact with other players in the neighborhood and engage in derby races where they win special awards. Developers also introduced thematic seasonal changes. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

The game begins when the player receives a letter from the uncle asking him about their thoughts about being a farmer because of his retiring. The next scene opens with the player moving to the countryside. As the game progresses, word reaches the town player on how the player is managing his/her uncle’s farm and the mayor invites the player in expanding the town – a project started by the Mayor and his uncle. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

There are several non-playable characters in the game who are part of the community that surrounds that farm. Visitors also called neighbors often come to the player’s farm. There are also visitors from town. One of the visitors is Greg who is the local lumberjack. They hit off with the player and soon becomes their first friend. There is Alfred who delivers mail to the farm on a daily basis. Tom is an errand boy who is often seeing waiting for responsibilities around the farm. Earnest and Rose live on a cliff on the farm and are often hired to do errands around the farm. A builder called Maggie makes an appearance in the farm on a weekly basis. The city has an event board which he uses to issue notices and list events that will take place in the city. To enhance delivery the player utilizes a number of trucks and riverboats; this can take stuff to various places. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

There is no particular way that you can play the game and the player can influence how it ends. There are various updates by the game producers and this brings in many features to unlock. Developers have never stopped developing the game which means what you have could be different from a friend. It is available in multiple languages including Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, English, Cyrillic, German, French, Japanese, Malay, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

Hay Day Cheats

Hay Day Game Updates

As stated earlier the game has seen many updates, which have contributed to new features and lots of unlockable content. We will review the updates from the latest to the oldest. The latest update to the game was released on June 25, 2018. The first thing that stands out concerning the update is the ability to choose the right neighbors. Players do this by assigning them tags that clearly describe the neighbor’s character, this helps you to choose the right neighbors. There is also additional space and emblems to accommodate your description texts. The neighbor user interface has also been rebranded and looks great. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

The update also added community improvements and features. The blossom derby has been improved and now has tasks been returned to the board once you complete them. This gives players more points when they complete them. The player can only take one task at a time after which it ceases to exist on the board. To acquire more points in the derby the player will need to partner with neighbors so as to complete the tasks faster. Maggie – builder – has a huge discount that enables her to re-install previous installations. This is done through a collection book. While visiting other players you can view their collection and stylebooks.  Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

You can now name your pets and sanctuary animals by simply tapping on them. When you visit other players their names become visible. The update also included three new fishing spots as well as the ability to borrow fishing lures from neighbors. Sorting options enable you to have the town hall work the way you want. The derby was also changed and this time players were required to complete at least one task before they could receive an award. The max in-game friends were increased to 250 with an improved bar performance. Some of the remaining bugs in the game were fixed. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.Download Hay Day Cheats

An update was released on April 16, 2018. The first part of the update was the ability for the player to customize their farm further. The builder could now visit your farm on a weekly basis. You can also customize your roadside shop, farmhouse, and truck based on 3 individual parts. The possibilities are endless and include flames on a yellow truck, new hay roof for the farmhouse and rainbow-colored roadside shop roof. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here. The update had several new options been updated every week. Community features included were floral candle(candle Maker), flower penchant(jeweler), onion melt(sandwich bar), spicy spaghetti(pasta kitchen), caramel latte(coffee kiosk), cocoa smoothie(smoothie mixer), candy bouquet(flower shop) and big sushi roll(sushi bar). Baby sanctuary animals were also given new achievements. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

Also included in the update were playground themed decorations and cool new pet that was later included in the derby events. Fresh new postman decorations and spin the wheel. You can know to skip derby animations. Tom was given a double tab confirmation. In the spin the wheel truck they remove spin again option. The update removed the game’s connection to Facebook and this removed the need to get help through Facebook. The benefit is the player no longer received news feed. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.Hay Day Cheats

During December period an update was released that among other things introducing baby animals to the sanctuary. The player had the ability to unlock their parents. They also come with their own unique decorations. In the community request, the additions included a mystery derby that would be available the following year. The town derby had new tasks as well as new boosters and fishing points. The spin of a wheel was also improved. Additional events in the game calendar included fishing, Christmas and New Year events with exclusive decorations for the season. Improvements to the quality of life included a new tab for the town as well the ability to select various visitors from neighboring towns at once. A minimize and maximize button that was made available for the roadside shop. If someone filled your crates there was a new indicator showing this. You could order several seasonal items by theme. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

An update was also made available on October 16, 2017. This introduced bingo themed derbies. In the derby, the player’s neighbors are able to fulfill tasks through a unique bingo board. The community requested features included peonies and sunflowers were added as new crops in the farms. The was a new production machine that enabled players to create bouquets within the vicinity of the flower shop. The existing machines now had new products like olive dip, pasta carbonara, flower clown, flower shawl, and summer rolls. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

The game update also enabled players to manage their visitors faster through an improved town user interface. In the shop tab, new features were added to improve the shopping experience. New achievements were added that were tied to the sanctuary and bingo derby. The neighborhoods received new leaders and co-leader and the player was able to access the neighbor house at level 10. Since the update was released during Halloween there was added new features to accommodate this. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

The fifth anniversary since the game was released saw the introduction of a new update on June 19, 2017. This update introduced a cool wildlife sanctuary that was located near the town. Players could unlock the animals that included two giraffes, two elephants, and two hippos. Once you unlock the animals you are able to unlock the decorations as well. Players could also customize their sanctuary with decorations of their choice. Puzzle pieces acquired through the derby are used to unlock the animals. The wildlife in the sanctuary can be fed using a new feed mill that contains a new feed called herbivore feed. You get rewarded for feeding the wild animals. If the town people visit the wildlife sanctuary they will leave gifts for you. New derbies were added in the community requested feature and this introduced a derby per week. This means you have more opportunities to earn rewards and the probability of finding higher earning tasks is greatly increased. Download our Hay Day Cheats Here.

How to use our Hay Day Cheats?

The purpose of the Hay day game is to create the best farm. To help you quickly advance through the game you can use our hay day cheats to acquire some precious gems and diamonds. If you have played the game then you know that diamonds do not come easily. You will need to play the game for hours so as to acquire the necessary diamonds and coins. Our hay day cheat does not cause any blockages in the game and you should play it like you did before. We have taken the right steps to ensure that you do not experience any bugs or errors.

Compatibility, Security and Customer Support

Our Hay day cheats is compatible with most Android and iOS phones. We have ensured that the downloads on our site are safe and secure and do not have any malware. In case you have issues with the download you can contact any member of our customer care team through our email address or suggestion box. The cheats are designed to help you quickly advance in the game without spending any money. Some of the items available in the cheats include diamond and coins.

Accessing unlimited diamonds in Hay Day

Once you download our hay day cheats you will need to enter your hay day account details. You will be asked how many diamonds and coins you need. The unlimited coins and diamonds will be automatically updated to your account and you can now spruce up your farm as you deem fit.

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