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The game by Supercell has been downloaded in more than 122 countries. The game is free to install and download on APP store and Google Play store. In the game, the players can tend to crops, learn to lay of the land, and sell finished crops and goods with friends and neighbors. Though it never rains in the farm crops still grow. You can acquire pets and even go fishing. You need an internet connection to play the game. You can customize the farm as you progress through the various game levels. Once your crops are fully grown you can fulfill your orders through a truck or steam boats. Cast your lure into the lake and catch some awesome fish. Build your own town in the game and invite visitors. The game has received five-star reviews on Google Play Store. To quickly progress through the game levels you will need to get more diamonds and coins. With our bot, you can get unlimited coins and diamonds for free. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.  Download Hay Day Bot

How to Play Hay Day game?

The player is tasked with managing the uncle’s farm when he retires. The player grows various crops in the farm and when they are ready they can sell them to neighbors and visitors and earn coins and diamonds from the sale. There is a board that helps players manage their orders. You can use a truck or steamboat to deliver your products to buyers. Also, you earn experience points once an order is fulfilled. XP enable the player to level up and unlock more game features. The player needs to be strategic with how they plant – there are certain crops that take longer to mature and you may need to grow them when going to sleep so that they be ready when you wake up. Find a balance between XP and coins earned. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

The player can use the coins received to purchase farm equipment. They can also expand their farms and grow more crops. Various crops can be unlocked as you level up this includes bananas, wheat, bushes and fruit trees. The player can also keep pets or go fishing and catch aquatic animals like lobsters, fishes, and ducks among others. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

Game play begins when the player receives a letter from the uncle who lives on a farm. The uncles retire and the player travels to the countryside so as to manage the farm. The player first encounters a talking scarecrow called Wicker who helps the player the first stages of the game. The player interacts with several neighbors that include Angus – who happens to be an old friend of the uncle. Angus becomes the player’s first friend. The town Mayor learns of how the player is doing and asks him to join him in several projects in the town. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

The player can interact with neighbors – called visitors in the game – and sell them various farm produce. Some of the visitors in the game include Greg who happens to be the town’s lumberjack and soon becomes the player’s first friend. Alfred is often seen delivering mail in the town. There is an errand boy called Tom who most of the time can be seen lingering around the farm. Rose and Errand act as helpers in the farm. Lastly, there is Maggie who is the local builder. Get our Hay Day Bot Here. Download Hay Day Bot

Game Development and Updates

The game has seen new versions but they have improved the game through updates. The game initial release was on June 21, 2012 and was made available for iOS. The following month on July 12, 2012 the ability to grow apples and cherry trees was introduced. Players could collect several berries from the fruit bushes like blackberry and raspberry. You can use the riverboat for more opportunities. A mine was made available in the farm and the player could now acquire precious metals and trade them for diamonds and coins. Two new production buildings were introduced that included Ore Smelter and Jam Maker. The update also solved several bug issues. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

The October 2012 update introduced new pets like cats and dogs.  Voucher awards also come with the update and you could get these through the wheel of fortune, complete deliveries through boats and mystery boxes. You can then use the vouchers to purchase cute pets. The buildings in the game were made smaller and this made you could pack more of them with limited space. The wheel of fortune had new items and a new hay day app icon was introduced. The help and feedback had new buttons installed. The images on the friends list were also improved. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

November 15, 2012 update responded to suggestions made by players. You can now celebrate the holidays in the farm due to the season greeting update. You can expand your farm if you run out of space and add some snow to the farm or decorate your hall with awesome stuff. Dress up your farm animals with some winter grab. The new coffee shop now offers some warm coffee to visitors and is a must visit if during the winter. Alternatively, you can grow your own coffee bushes and prepare your delicious beverage. Add decorations to your storage with new decorations. Some of the new products introduced in the game include blackberry muffin, red berry cake and raspberry muffin. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.Hay Day Bot

The January 8, 2013 update brought with it production building mastery as well as new notifications for Tom and the boat. New achievements like tasty treats, best friends, land owner, Co-op, farm tycoon and high roller. Get some candy with the new candy machine and produce products with it. XP can now be used to purchase decorations. Players could also be able to zoom out on their iPhone4S, iPhone4 and iPhone 5. Several game bugs were also fixed. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

Towards the end of January another update was released for Hay Day. The update had a new potato that could only be unlocked when you reach level 35 in the game. It also introduced some delicious products like casserole, baked potato, shepherd’s pie, potato feta cake and potato bread. A new horse was revealed called Andalusian horse this come with a third stable. If someone likes your farm there was a new push notification. The spin wheel was also updated such that it stays five minutes longer than before. New languages were added like Swedish and Danish. Several bugs were sorted out as well. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

The February 24, 2013 update introduced leader boards for helpers and boat orders. This was extended to the notification panel that now showed who needs help. The new boat notifications brought in new achievements that enabled you to earn more diamonds. Through the friend’s notification, you can know which of your friends need help and sort them out. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

March 6, 2013, saw a new update that was stuffed with new features and improvements. The biggest of these changes was that players could now ask for help in boat orders when they had a lot of crates. The end result is that you spend less diamonds. The changes were based on feedback received from players as some of were of the view that they were not fully utilizing the game features. Some of these changes included fewer diamonds were needed to speed up the boat and less were required to get a new truck order. Boat requests were changed to allow 3 orders per boat. The notification board was revamped and now players could have the image of their friends who has requested for an order. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

The April update just like the March one had a lot of new improvements and features. The text message feature was updated and you could now send thank you notes to friends after they have helped you. Alfred the postman makes an appearance from level 15. Part of Alfred’s new task is to deliver thank you letters to farmers who have helped others. Some of these thank you letters have valuable gifts. You can then exchange this thank you letters for a special gift while Alfred will deliver at your doorstep. The new order catalog now has diamonds, exclusive decorations, silo upgrades and barn. However, you will need to keep looking into your catalog for amazing gifts. The friend’s bar has been upgraded and you can now check up on friends who have helped you recently. Tom the delivery boy now has special balloons that contain a special gift of the sort. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

June 13, 2013 update enabled players to travel outside their farms for the first time. You have the option of taking a boat and exploring a new part of the country. In the process, you may encounter Angus and have fun doing some fishing. The fish types have been increased and now you have over 30 different fishes at your disposal. You can collect the golden trout and add it to your fishing scrap book. Get new diamond awards whenever you catch new fish. Using the same expansion items that you use in your farm you can expand your expansion area. A new fishing mini-game was introduced with the update. Create unique fish cuisines like burgers and fries. Achievements based on your fishing expeditions were added. The game now supported the Russian Language. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

The next update was released on September 2013. It introduced new products, lobsters, and new production buildings. While you catch the new lobsters you can also add two new buildings to your fishing area. Make good use of the new lobster trap that increases the chances of catching some lobsters. The new net building maker enables you to make some cool nets. You can even catch several fish at once. You might be forced to spend some precious diamonds so as to purchase the new mystery fishing net. However, it enables you to get more diamonds, barns and silos, vouchers, upgrade materials and expand your item list. With the soap kitchen, you can now create some delicious lobster soap from your production kitchen. Get our Hay Day Bot Here.

Hay Day Bot

How to use our Hay Day Bot?

Our hay day bot enables you to progress through the game levels really fast. You can access coins and diamonds and use them to purchase more farm equipment and expand your farm. It can take ages to acquire diamonds and with our bot you can do this quickly. Our bot does not cause any blockages and you should not be apprehensive that your account will be blocked. Once you download our bot you will be requested to enter the amount of diamonds and coins that you want. Once this is entered you should have the coins and diamonds credited to your hay day account. You now have the opportunity to expand and grow your farm as you wish.

Is the Hay day bot safe?

We have taken the right measures to ensure that the bot download that you make on our site is safe and secure and is free from malware and viruses. You do not need to worry about blockages or your account being suspended. We have many people who have used our bot and they can testify to how useful it is when it comes to advancing in the game. We have personally used the bot and assure you of how safe it is.

How many diamonds and coins do you get?

Our bot enables you to get unlimited coins and diamonds there is no limit. This means you can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Download our Hay Day Bot Here

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