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Our hay day cheat codes enable you to access unlimited coins and diamonds. This enables you to quickly progress through the game levels

Hay day is freemium simulation mobile game that was developed by Supercell. It is available for both Android and iOS phones. In the game, the player is tasked with taking care of his uncle’s farm after he decides to retire. The player manages the farm, grows crops, sells produce in the market, and interacts with other players. As the player levels up they unlock more game features. The game can be played as either in single player or multiplayer mode. According to a 2013 report the clash of clans and hay day earned 30 million dollars within a month. This made hay day the 4th highest grossing game for the year 2013. Gamezebo game critics gave the game a score of 4/5 while Pocker gamer awarded a bronze medal. The game developers have yet to develop another version of the game and that is why they have consistently been adding updates with improved features and improvements. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here. Download Hay Day Cheat Codes

How to Play the Game?

The player makes money by selling various farm produce. They do this by utilizing the board where orders are fulfilled. The player earns coins when they sell produce and experience points when they fulfill orders. The player needs to balance between earning coins and experience points. When you earn enough XP points you will level up and unlock more items. Other activities in the farm include fishing, decorating buildings, having pets and interacting with neighbors. You can grow different crops at different stages in the game. This includes bananas, wheat, bushes and various fruit trees. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

Hay Day Cheat Codes

There various farm animals available for purchase by the player. This includes aquatic animals like lobsters, fishes, and ducks. Your XP feed the pets. Players can also receive gifts from visitors who come to visit the wildlife sanctuary. As you level up you can expand your farm and grow more crops which means more coins available to you. Gameplay can either be single or multiplayer but you need an internet connection to access the game. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

The game does not have a defined ending and you can play it as you wish. Since the game is constantly updated – will discuss the updates later – some people have concluded that the objective of the game is to unlock all items available in the game. Hay Day is available in multiple languages that include Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Cyrillic, English, Dutch, French, Finnish, Indonesian, German, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Korean, Portuguese, Norwegian Bokmai, Swedish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, and Turkish. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

What is the Game plot in Hay Day Game?

The game plot begins with a letter from the player’s uncle requesting him to take over the management of the farm because he is retiring and there is no one to take care of the farm. The player embarks on a journey to the countryside. However, he knows little about farm management. His met in the farm by a talking scarecrow who guides the player through the first level of the game. The player needs most of the stuff on farm management from the scarecrow. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

While going to the lake for the first time the player encounters Angus who happens to be the uncle’s old friend: Angus shows the player the uncles’ fishing book and guides him through several steps in farming. Word soon reaches the town mayor of the success of the player in managing the farm; this later leads to the mayor asking the player to come to the town and help him with certain projects that they had started with the uncle. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

The player lives in a community and interacts with neighbors who are called visitors. The visitors are non-playable characters and you can interact with them through the game’s chat system. The first friend that the player makes is the local lumberjack called Greg. There is also Alfred who has the responsibility of delivering the mail daily. Tom who often lingers around the farm is the errand boy. Rose and Ernest who live on a cliff next to the farm can be hired as laborers on the farm. Every once a week the builder called Maggie comes to the farm. She will help the player with various building projects. The Mayor often communicates to the town people though the events board. It is here that various challenges and derbies are communicated. You can deliver your products to clients through trucks and riverboats. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

June 25, 2018, Hay Day Update

The game developers have yet to release a new version of the game but they have released several updates meant to solve bugs and include cool new features. The game changed how players interact with neighbors. For one to enable the right players to locate you in multiple modes the update introduced the ability to choose tags and use them to better describe your neighbor. The text box was enlarged and now had more emblem options. Also included was a better-looking user interface for the neighborhood feature. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.Download Hay Day Cheat Codes

The blossom derby comes with the update. The blossom tasks make a comeback to the board once they have been completed. The more people complete the more points that they get. What has changed is that each player in the derby gets to complete one task at a time after which the tasks are removed from the board. You will need to find good neighbors so that you can complete tasks faster. You now have the ability to name your pets and sanctuary animals by simply tapping them. When you visit other players you can see the tags. Three new fishing spots where added to the game as well as sorting options for the town hall. You can now have up to 250 players in the in-game. The game also solved lots of bugs that were present in the game. However, the update ceased support for iOS7 and iOS8. Players are required to get the latest iOS to get the update. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

April 16, 2018 Update

The April update had lots of features for the builder. For one, you have the ability to customize your farm further. The builder can also now visit the farm every week which gives you amble time to complete all your building projects. Decide to fully customize your roadside shop, farmhouse, and include three individual parts to your truck. Options include having a new hay roof for your farmhouse, adding flames to your truck and customize your roadside shop into a rainbow color. You can compete for styles and get rewards through your style book. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

New products were introduced for the existing machines that includes floral candle (candle maker), flower penchant (jeweler), onion melt (sandwich bar), spicy spaghetti (pasta kitchen), caramel latte (coffee kiosk), cocoa smoothie (smoothie mixer), candy bouquet (flower shop) and the big sushi roll (sushi bar). The sanctuary baby animals were given new achievements to accomplish as well as the introduction of cool pet themed playgrounds. Postman decorations and a fresh new spin wheel were added through the update. You can now double tab Tom for confirmation. The spin wheel had its spin again option removed. On Facebook, the game developers removed the ability to request help. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

December 18, 2017 Update

The December update had a lot of things for the animal sanctuary. It enabled the player to have baby animals but this is after you have unlocked the parents. This comes with additional decorations. Town boosters and new fishing spots were added in the update. The spin wheel was also improved as well as fishing events in certain areas. Since the game was released during the Christmas season it introduced new events for the holiday season. The town hall had a revamped user interface that made customizing easier. You could be able to select several visitors to the town hall.  The roadside shop received the new minimum and maximum buttons. once the seagull fills your crates a new indicator button was added to show this. You can now get seasonal decorations based on themes. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.Hay Day Cheat Codes

October 16, 2017 Update

The October update focused more on events and derby improvements. For the example, if you are playing the bingo derby your neighbors are able to receive unique tasks through the derby board. New crops were introduced through the update like sunflowers and peonies. The flower shop received a new machine that enables the production of brightly colored bouquets. Existing machines also received new products like olive dip, pasta carbonara, flower crown, flower shawl, and the summer rolls. Twenty new tasks were introduced to the derby and as well as improvements to the towns’ user interface. This had the added advantage of enabling players to quickly manage visitors.

June 19, 2017 Update

This update was released as the Hay day celebrated its fifth anniversary and it comes with the new wildlife sanctuary. This has been allocated just next to the town. In the sanctuary, six new animals were introduced including two giraffes, two elephants, and two hippos. Once you unlock a new animal you get a gift of a new decoration for your shop. You can also customize the sanctuary as you deem fit. You will need to use the puzzles in the derby to unlock the animals in the sanctuary. To enhance gameplay new derby events were added. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

March 27, 2017 Update

Boosters are used in Hay day to enable the player to progress through the game faster. The March update introduced more boosters to the game. You can now fill two or more crates at a time and even hire Tom and other helpers for free. The update comes with up to 80 new boosters. You acquire the boosters when you engage in the wheel of fortune, participate in derby events and when you level up. Special expansion features were introduced that enabled the player to expand their farms. This enables you to progress in the game faster. A new feature in the neighborhood enables derby leaders to opt out. The friends’ bar disappears after 72 hours. Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes Here.

How to use our Hay Day Cheat Codes?

Hay Day has become one of the most downloaded games for Android and iOS phones. You can play the game for hours just to acquire some coins or diamonds. If you have some loose cash you can purchase the diamonds online. But, If you are looking for a fast way to progress through levels then you need to download our Hay Day cheat codes. The codes enable you to have an unlimited number of coins and diamonds. Use your resources to build and expand your farm with cool features. The hack works with all mobile phones and you should see your diamond and coin balance automatically increased. To use our cheat codes, close the game and then run our program. Fill out the number of coins and diamonds that you want and you are good to go.

Compatibility and Security

Our hay day cheat codes can be used on both Android and iOS phones. We have internally used the cheat codes and we can assure you that they are safe to use and will not cause any blockages. Do not worry about your account getting closed because we have you covered.

Why we made the Hay day cheat codes?

We are big fans of hay day and we wanted to extend some of the benefits we have experienced with the game to our fans. We have ensured that the cheat codes are the latest and most useful.

Get our Hay Day Cheat Codes HereDownload Hay Day Cheat Codes

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