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Hay Day is a farm-based game that requires the player to grow crops and sell them upon maturity for coins, diamonds and experience points. The game is available in the iOS and Android phones. According to a 2013 financial report, it was reported that the company made 30 million dollars in a month from Clash of clans and Hay day sales. The game has several levels and the player unlocks new items as they progress. XP play a key role in the game progress and the player will need to find a balance between earning coins and XP. After a certain point crops like bananas, wheat and fruit bushes become available to the player. The game releases updates with new features and improvements. At some point, the player is able to expand their land and access new fishing spots. Hay Day requires an internet connection for gameplay. The game has become one of the most downloaded games on App store. Gamezebo gave the game a rating of 4/5 while Pocket Game awarded hay day a bronze award. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.Download Hay Day Guide

How to Play Hay Day Game?

The player has the responsibility of managing a farm that has been left to them by the uncle. You plant several crops and when they are mature you sell them to visitors and friends. The crops take different times for them to mature and you will need to plant some of them at night before you sleep. The player can build in the farm, keep pets, interact with neighbors and sell the farm produce for coins and diamonds. Experience points enable the player to level up and unlock more game features. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

When you get to certain stages in the game you can plant crops like bananas, wheat, bushes and several fruit trees like raspberry. The player can buy land and expand their farm. Their several boards in the game that herald several events that need to take place. The fishing lakes offer great solace and you can catch fish like lobsters, and ducks. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.Hay Day Guide

What is the Game plot in Hay Day?

The opening scene in the game opens with the player receiving a letter from the uncle. In the letter, the uncle expresses his desire to retire and leave the farm to the player. The next screen has the player traveling to the countryside so as to manage the farm. The first person that the player meets is a scarecrow called wicker who introduces the player to farming and helps them through the first stages of the game. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

When it comes to fishing the person best acquainted with the lake is Angus. He also happens to be the player’s uncle friend. The player meets Angus when he makes his first trip to the lake. Angus also shows the player the uncle’s fishing book which comes in handy when the player wants to go fishing. Hay Day has several non-playable characters like Greg who is the local lumberjack. The neighbors in the game are often referred to as visitors. Alfred is the man who delivers mail to the farm daily. Tom runs several errands and you can easily locate him around the farm because his always loitering. Rose and Ernest can give you a helping hand around the farm when you are overwhelmed with work. The local builder is called Maggie and she will help you build anything around the farm. The town holds several events and this is announced in the town’s boards. Use the derbies to earn more rewards and advance in the game. Get our Hay Day Guide Here. 

Hay Day Game Updates

The game developers choose to issue updates instead of new game versions. The game was first released on June 21, 2012, for iOS. The first update was released the following month and gave the player the ability to grow apples and cherry trees. When they have matured the player can harvest them and make juice. There was the introduction of blackberry and raspberry bushes in the update. More business opportunities could be accessed by cruising in the riverboat. A mine was introduced in the update and this gave the player the chance to dig and collect precious metals. New production buildings like Ore Smelter and Jam Maker were introduced. Several bugs were also introduced. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

October 15, 2012, saw a new update that introduced some cool pets like cats and dogs. A better way to get prices was introduced through mystery boxes, completing boat deliveries and the wheel of fortune. You can now build more buildings because the buildings occupy less space. New items can be found in the wheel of fortune. The help and window feedback has added new buttons. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.Download Hay Day Guide

On November 15, 2012, the game developers decided to respond to some of the customer suggestions hence the update. Included were greeting cards that could be used during the holiday season. If you find running out of space to grow crops you can acquire new land in the update. Seasonal decorations and snow were introduced to match the holiday season that was approaching. Winter grab was introduced and you could dress your animals in them especially in winter. The update had a coffee kiosk where players could purchase coffee drinks. Alternatively, the player could make good use of the coffee bushes that were now available. The coffee beans once harvested could be used to make good tasting coffee. Some of the new products introduced included blackberry muffin, red berry cake, and raspberry muffin. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

The January 31, 2013 update introduced some cool features like new crops like potatoes. The player also could access delicious products like a casserole, baked potato, shepherd pie, potato bread and potato feta cake. You now had an opportunity to ride a new horse called Andalusian. There was a third horse that was introduced to accommodate the horses. When someone likes a farm they have a new notification. The spin a wheel now stays way longer for over five minutes after using it. There was the introduction of Swedish and Danish and some of the bugs in the game were fixed. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

The April 14, 2013 update had a lot to offer for the mailman – Alfred. He knows visits the farm in level 15. When you help other farmers in the game Alfred will deliver a thank you card and some random gifts. Exchange some of the gift cards you have received for mystery packages. Players are able to order cool items through a catalog. There also exclusive gifts to be discovered in the packages like diamonds, exclusive decorations, silo and barn upgrades. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

Hay Day GuideThe boat orders were greatly improved through the update as well as an updated friends bar which lets you access helpers for the farm. You will also need to check upon Tom because he could be having some special gift hidden in his balloons. The update also supported the Indonesian language. There times after you have left your farm that you will find that someone has helped you with your farm and you will need to send them a thank you note. Alfred the mailman can be accessed when you reach level 15 and he delivers mail once a week and there are times that the mail can have a surprise gift. The gifts are random and any extra letters that you have get delivered the next day. You can exchange the gifts received for diamonds or exclusive decorations. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

The next update was released on June 13, 2013, and it took fishing in the game to the next level. For the first time in the game, you could travel to a new area in the country and repair your fishing boat. With the help of the fishing guide, you can collect more rewards and advance in the game. Traveling to the new area can be through the fishing boat. You can enjoy the new scenery while interacting with Angus. The update introduced over 30 different fish species which come in all manner of colors and shapes. The diamonds awards enable the player to get rewarded with diamonds whenever they catch new fish. You can expand the area that you fish in the same way as you do in the farm. Some of the new products in the game include fish fries and burgers. Lastly, a fish mini-game was introduced in the update. The Russian language was supported for the first time. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

To celebrate the first birthday since hay day was released the developers revealed an update on July 10, 2013. Alfred is bound to bring to you a special gift from his fishing expeditions. To celebrate the game’s birthday each player would receive a free diamond. The screen was changed to have a birthday loading display. You now have the events board just next to the roadside shop. There are also time-limited gifts that randomly show up in the game. If you complete truck deliveries you get double coins. The farm animals have cool decorations to reflect that it is summer. This includes snorkels, sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts. The summer decorations can be used in the buildings and around the farm. The game now supports the Chinese language. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

The September update had more updates than the previous ones. For one it introduced lobsters, new products, and buildings. Angus is excited due to the lobsters introduced in the game. You can travel to any fishing area and repair two new buildings. The newly introduced lobster trap can be used to catch some big lobsters. You will also have to keep your lobsters from your pool because they simply love a heated pool. Just next to the lobster trap is a fishing net. You can use the new building in the game to create your own nets. The mystery nets can be used to get some diamonds and well as vouchers. The soup kitchen is introduced in the game and it lets you experiment with different lobster dishes and soaps. Another awesome product introduced in the game is the Frutti di mare pizza. You can also remove the follower from your friend’s list. Get our Hay Day Guide Here.

How does our Hay Day Guide work?

Our hay day guide is a comprehensive guide that you can use to make more money in the game. There are several hacks that are provided in the game that many game users are not aware of. Our guide is meant to help beginners on how to run their farm in the hay day. We have made our guide to be very easy to use and you should be making money in no time. With our guide, you should learn which crops to grow in a particular season, how to manage your orders and how to get more coins and diamonds.

Will I succeed if I use your Guide?

We have taken our time when coming up with this easy to use guide. We have tested it on beginners and have seen them earning many coins and diamonds and progressing through the game levels fast. We first studied the challenges players have when playing the game and we decided to help them through and easy to read the guide. With the guide you are able to create a better farm at half the time it could have taken you.

How do I contact you?

We have designed the guide to be self-explanatory but in case you run into some problems we are available 24/7 to offer you support. You can contact us through our email addresses and suggestion box and someone will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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