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The game is available for game play in both iOS and Android. Supercell –who developed the game released versions for both on June 21, 2012, and November 20, 2013, respectively. Hay Day and Clash of clans were able to earn Supercell 30 million dollars within a month – this according to the financial report of the company released in 2013. This made Hay Day the fourth highest earning game in 2013. The game plot is simple. The player is given the responsibility of managing his uncle’s farm after he retires. He gets his basic training from a scarecrow who shows the player how to harvest wheat. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

The player can sell the crops produced from the farm and earn coins. The coins received can them be used to buy pets, decorative items, buy production buildings, and other farm equipment. As the player levels up you earn experience points. The player also learns fishing skills from Angus. The player can interact with neighbors and help them in the farm. There are several crops that can be planted in the farm including bananas, wheat, bushes, and fruit trees. The player can also purchase farm animals, capture lobsters, fish, and ducks. The pets in the game are fed through experience points. Later in the game, the player gets the chance to expand their farm. Download our Hay Day Hack Here. Download Hay Day Hack

How to Play Hay Day Game?

Gameplay involves the player planting various crops, managing a farm, building, interacting with neighbors and been involved in quests. The player can sell their crops and items to visitors – non-playable characters. They get experience points and coins for these. The player has to earn enough XP so that they can level up. Once this is done the player is able to access more crops, items, and buildings. As the player progresses through the game they are able to access the town and fishing lake. In the lake, you can acquire various aquatic animals while they can engage in various quests in the town. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

You can spruce up your farm through customization and decorations. More expensive rewards are available to the player when they engage inquests. The player can interact with other neighborhood friends and chat with them during derbies. The game begins when the player receives a letter from the uncle stating that he has decided to retire and whether the player is willing to maintain the farm. The player accepts the offer and decides to move to the countryside. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

The first person the player meets on the farm is a scarecrow called Angus. He happens to be an old friend of his uncle. The player first interacts with Angus when he decides to go fishing in the nearby lake. Angus offers the player invaluable information on how to run the farm as well as a fishing book that was owned by the uncle. The player gets to work and soon news of his success reached the mayor – another old friend of the uncle  – who requests the player to help him in expanding the town. Players in Hay Day interact with several non-playable characters like Greg – who becomes the player’s first friend. Greg is the town’s lumberjack. You also get to meet Alfred who delivers mail daily to the neighborhood. There is also Tom – who happens to be the farm’s errand boy. You can have Rose and Ernest – who live on a cliff in the farm – to lend you a hand. Maggie is the town’s builder and comes to the farm every week. The player can use the riverboats and trucks in the game to move items. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

Hay Day Game Development

The game has yet to introduce a new version but this has been replaced by numerous updates each offering unique and new features. The latest update for Hay day was released on June 25, 2018. The update made it easier for players to find and interact with neighbors. This was done through tags that players could use to describe their neighbors. Additional space was added for more texts with an emblem. The neighborhood user interface was also updated at it now looked fresh and cool. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

Some of the community requested features including a revamped blossom derby. The tasks in the derby were added to the board and come with more points. However, players are limited to one task per time for a limited duration after this the task disappears from the board. To win more points you will need to collaborate with neighbors so as to accomplish tasks faster. Maggie the builder can use the collection book to re-install previous renovations with huge discounts. If you need to name the pets and sanctuary animals, simply tap at them. The names will then be displayed when you are visiting other players in the game. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

Hay Day HackAlso introduced in the June 25, 2018 update were new fishing spots, you can now borrow a lure from neighbors and have up to 250 in-game friends with an improved friends bar. Most of the bugs in hay day have been fixed. The game also ceased support for iOS7 and iOS8. Players were advised to install the latest version of the operating system. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

The preceding update to the above was released on April 16, 2018. One outstanding feature in the update is the ability for the player to customize their farms further. Some of the items you can customize in the farm include your roadside shop, farmhouse and three individual parts for the truck. The update offered several new options that were introduced every week. You can check the Hay day style book for more styles and remarkable awards. You can also complete your collection book with more stickers. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

Some of the new features in the community include floral candle(candle maker), flower pendant(jeweler), onion melt(sandwich bar), spicy spaghetti(pasta kitchen), candy bouquet(flower shop), big sushi roll(sushi bar), and caramel latte(coffee kiosk). There also sanctuary new achievements for baby animals. Also added were cool playground themed decorations and the new pet was added for the derby awards. Tom receives a double tap confirmation. The spin the wheel truck had its spin again feature removed. Players were also not able to get help from Facebook. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

December 18, 2017, saw baby animals being introduced to the sanctuary. Also included for the player were more unlockable decorations. Tasks were also added to the town’s derby. The update also added more town boosters and new fishing areas. The spin wheel was improved and new fishing events added to the town lists of events. Since the update was released during the Christmas season, it incorporated events geared for the Christmas and new year. The town user interface was remodeled while the player got the option to pick more visitors from other towns. The update enabled the player to get an indicator whenever someone filled up their crates. It was during this time that iPhoneX was introduced and the game update had support for the phone model. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

October 16, 2017, saw several derby and event improvements. You will need to look out for the bingo themed decorations that in the game. The neighborhood bingo board has been revamped and it is now filled with derby tasks. If you can complete the tasks your neighbor earns extra points. New crops were added in the game like sunflowers and peonies. You can now use the new production machine for beautiful bouquets for the flower shop. The existing machines also received new products that include olive dip, pasta carbonara, flower crown, flower crawl,  and summer rolls. To manage visitors better and faster a new user interface for the town was introduced. The bingo derby and sanctuary got new achievements while there was a new XP booster. You could also be able to access the neighborhood house at level 10. Since the update was introduced during October, Halloween celebrations were introduced. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

June 19, 2017, was the time Hay Day was celebrating its fifth anniversary and saw some cool features. One of a key feature introduced to commemorate the anniversary was the wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary was introduced just next to the town. It had six animals – two giraffes, two elephants and two hippos. The animals have the added advantage of unlocking brand new decorations in the shop, with free decorations. You can also customize the sanctuary as you like. To unlock the animals in the wildlife sanctuary participate in the derby so as to use the puzzles available. There selected boats and mystery boxes available. The herbivore feed is something new introduced in the game that can be used to feed the wildlife. You also get rewarded for feeding wildlife. The visitors to the town are big fans of wildlife and will often leave a gift for you. You receive more gifts if you have more animals. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

March 2017 update introduced boosters to the game. Boosters are there to take you hay day gaming experience to the next level. Some of the things you can do with boosters include hiring Tom, filling a boat with more crates, making your crops grow faster or even getting helpers for your farm for free. The update made available over 80 special boosters. To acquire the unique boosters you will need to participate in the derby and receive special rewards, mid-level rewards and the wheel of fortune. The brand new booster storage enables you to manage your boosters. In the community requested features players had a new expansion area. To access the new areas players are required to use the wheel of fortune, get a permit from the derby or open mystery boxes. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

If you are looking for new things in the derby, you will be required to complete various actions within a single task. Three new decorations were added through the update that included blue flower bucket, yellow bucket, and the white chair. The march 2017 also introduced the Thai language to the game. The new boosters unlock at level 35. The update also fixed several bugs. The tab friends also disappear after 72 hours. Download our Hay Day Hack Here.

How to use Hay Day hack?

When it comes to hay day game then the number of coins and diamonds that you have in the game play a big role in how fast you progress in the game. The usual way to earn diamonds and coins is to fulfill orders or by leveling up. But, this takes a lot of time. With our Hay day hack, you are able to get unlimited diamonds and coins. With this, you can purchase more equipment, buildings, and have decorations on your farm. Our hacks do not cause any blockages and users should not worry that there account will be suspended.

Compatibility and security

Hay Day HackOur hay day hack can be used on any mobile phone including Android and iOS. Many users are not comfortable with making downloads online. We understand your apprehension and that is why we have ensured that maximum security is maintained within our site. You should feel secure making downloads from our site because we have made it free from any malware or viruses.

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