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Take your hay day game to the next level with our easy to follow hay day tips and tricks. Unlock new levels as you create the best farm in the game

Hay day game has become one of the most downloaded on the IOS App store. It offers a lot of content for download and you can spend a fortune trying to get new features and items. The game is developed by Supercell and was released on June 21 for iOS and November 20, 2013, for Android phones. The game become the fourth highest grossing game when it earned 30 million dollars for both hay day and clash of clans. Gamezebo – a reputable gaming reviewer – gave the game a score of 4/5, praising the game’s visual graphics. It was given a bronze award by Pocket Gamer. The game has a very basic plot. The player is left in charge of a farm by the uncle after he retires. They are responsible for producing and selling farm products and earning coins and experience points. Hay Day has several levels and the player advances through them as they collect more experience points. The more levels the player unlocks the more products are available for them. Get our Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.Download Hay Day Tips and Tricks

How to Play Hay Day Game?

Gameplay takes place in a farm where the player is responsible for growing various crops. You can raise pets, go fishing, interact with neighbors and craft bushes and trees. You can also interact with neighbors and chat with them. The game has seen many updates since it was released. Once your crops mature you can sell them in the market and earn coins and your experience points will go up. The game has several levels which when unlocked offer more features and items. If you reach certain game levels you will be able to access fishing spots and the town facilities. The player has at their disposal various transport trucks which they can use to transport farm produce to the market. You can make your farm better through various customization features and decorations. The various events offer the player more rewards and points. Get our Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

The game begins with a message from an uncle who wants to retire and leave the farm to you. He asks how you would like to live as a farmer. The intro ends with the player traveling to the uncle’s farm where they start managing it. Even though the player lacks experience they are assisted by a scarecrow called Angus. He shows the player the uncle’s fishing book and he guides the player through the first levels. As the game progresses news reaches the town mayor on the success of the farm and this sees him inviting the player to carry out some of the projects in the town that were started in conjunction with the uncle. Get our Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

The player gets to interact with several non-playable characters in the game called visitors. The first person to befriend the player is Greg who also happens to be a lumberjack. There is Alfred who delivers mail on a daily basis. Tom is the errand boy and he is often seen loitering around the farm waiting for tasks to do. You can hire Rose and Ernest who also happen to live on a cliff above the farm. Maggie is the town’s builder and makes an appearance in the farm once a week. You will need to check the notice board once in a while because the Mayor posts various events and challenges facing the town there. Trucks and riverboats are used to transport various items through the game. Get our Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

What are some Tips and Tricks for hacking Hay Day Game?

Hay Day Tips and TricksSaving your seed crop – the game operated in such a way that for every seed you plant it doubles its yield upon harvest. However, if you have a large order you can be tempted to use up all your seeds and this means you will have nothing to plant in the next season. This forces you to use your diamonds to purchase more seeds. This means you will need to be strategic with the farm produce stored in your silos. Make sure there is enough seed to feed the livestock like wheat. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

Another great tip is that crops grow at different paces. Carrots, corn, and wheat take short periods to grow while other crops like pumpkins take longer. The trick is to grow the longer period crops during the night or when you are doing other farm related duties. This means when you wake up the crops would have grown significantly. This also applies to certain livestock products. Leave them in production and when you wake up you will find them finished. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

You can say no to visitors who come to your farm but do not want to offer a premium for your products. Players can sell them products that take a short time to grow. You can follow friends and sell them various farm products that you have produced. Often these pay a good price. The bulletin board highlights the products that you need to deliver. You can dump the some of the orders if you are unable to fulfill them. This is better than having orders that you cannot fulfill. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

The game reward system is a matter of coins and experience points. When you sell goods you get paid in coins while experience points show how well you fulfill orders. You need to find a balance between the two. There instances you will need to forego coins so as to get experience points. This helps you to level up. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

Update History for Hay Day

The latest update to the game was released on June 25, 2018. One outstanding new feature to the game was its ability to find new neighbors easily. This is possible through tags that enable the right players to find you. The neighborhood saw an improved user interface that is easy to use. The Blossom derby was part of the community requested features that were added to the game in the update. With blossom, you are able to return your completed tasks back to the board and this gives you more points. The players are given a limited period to finish the tasks after which they disappear from the board. The blossom derby needs you to engage your neighbors so that you can complete tasks faster. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here. Download Hay Day Tips and Tricks

While you are visiting you can now check out other players’ collection and style books. Maggie collection book allows her to re-install any previous renovations courtesy of a huge discount. Also introduced in the update are three fishing spots and the ability to borrow lures from neighbors. New sorting options have been added to the town hall. Players rewards have been restricted to one task. You can have up to 250 upped in-game friends. Some of the bugs that were present in the game have been fixed. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

April 16, 2018, saw a new update for hay day. it had a focus for the builder. In the update, the player is able to customize their farm further. This means that the builder comes to your farm every week. You can fully customize your roadside shop, farmhouse, and your truck. For example, you can turn your roadside shop to have a rainbow roof or have flame decals on your yellow truck. If you are not sure what to include you can check out the game’s style book. Complete your collection book through various stickers. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

The update also introduced new products for the existing machines like floral candle(candle maker), flower pendant(jeweler), caramel latte(coffee kiosk), onion melt(sandwich bar), cocoa smoothie(smoothie mixer), candy bouquet(flower shop), big sushi (sushi bar) and spicy spaghetti(pasta kitchen). For sanctuary baby animals for new achievement and a new spin the wheel with additional decorations. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

December 18, 2017, saw the introduction of the baby sanctuary. This can be accessed after unlocking the parents. New boosters were introduced as well as new fishing. An improved spin the wheel for acquiring events. A new year and Christmas events were introduced in the update. You can also deselect the roadside shop. The update for the first time introduced iPhone X support. The October 2017 had focused on events and derby improvements. The first improvement was the bingo themed derbies. In the bingo, neighbors received bingo boards for completing derby tasks. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

When it comes to community requested additions we saw the introduction of new crops like sunflowers and peonies. A new production machine was introduced that could create some cool conquests for the flower shop. New products were also introduced for the game’s existing machines like olive dip, pasta carbonara, flower crown, flower shawl, and the summer rolls. The derby saw 20 new product tasks. To manage visitors in the town better and faster an improved town user interface was introduced. The new XP booster was also introduced during this time. The game had new players and at level 10 the players could unlock the neighborhood house. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

Hay Day was developed in July 2012 and five years later the developers released a game update to celebrate their 5th anniversary. The highlight of the update was the introduction of the wildlife sanctuary. Players were given the opportunity to unlock six adorable animals; these included two giraffes, two elephants, and two hippos. Once the player unlocks the animals they are able to unlock two new decorations from the shop. You can also customize the sanctuary as you deem fit. The animals are unlocked when you finish some puzzles found in the derbies, selected boats, and the mystery boxes. The wildlife is fed with the herbivore feed which you get to earn a cool reward for it. The town visitors are often seen visiting the wildlife sanctuary and they often leave the player with gifts. The special derbies introduced in the update enable the player to earn bigger rewards on a weekly basis. Get more animals so that you can increase the number of gifts that you can get. Get more Hay Day Tips and Tricks Here.

How to use our Hay Day Tips and Tricks?

Hay day can be a very long game if you do not know how to play it well. There are very many items to be unlocked and several levels each with its own unique list of items. We have developed the hay day tips and tricks to help you to progress through the levels really fast. Hay day requires that you find a balance between acquiring coins and experience points. With our tips and tricks, you are able to get more diamonds, grow more crops and earn the maximum amount of coins in each level.Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Who can use our Hay Day Tip and Tricks?

The tips and tricks are suitable for anyone who has the Hay Day game. We have done our research before giving you these tips. We have also used the tips and tricks and have seen a tremendous increase in the number of coins and diamonds that we have. With more coins and diamonds you are able to purchase more game items and use them to spruce up your farm – which is the end goal. All the tip and tricks that we recommend are all legal and will not cause your account to be suspended. You are safe and secure using our tips and tricks.

Progress in the game faster

With our hay day tips and tricks, you are able to accomplish more during gameplay. Unlock new levels and build your farm to be one of the best in the game.

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